Google My Business and 3 Ways to Improve


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business has become the standard for a business listing across the world, but it is also much more than that. A business profile allows you to more easily connect with your customers and clients through Google Search Engine and Google Maps.

Managing your business profile allows you to post photos and offers that are unique to your business giving customers reasons to keep choosing you over the competition. In addition to that your customers can reach more than ever before through phone, messaging, email, website, and leaving reviews. Google My Business relays important information back to the business by recording clicks, calls, bookings, and follows. 


What are 3 Ways to Improve Google My Business?


1. Complete your business profile & add a description

 Right out of the gate the best step for you to improve your business listing is by filling out all the information required by Google My Business to ensure that Google Search and Maps have the most up to date business information.

2. Upload Images Office, Products, or Services

 The more Google knows about what you offer, the more likely that you are going to rank higher in Google Searches and Google Maps. If there are already some images on Google My Business, add more and higher quality images.

3. Ask for & Respond to Google Reviews

 Yes! Always ask for reviews on Google! But another great way to engage with your customers is to respond to all reviews on Google My Business good or bad. Engagement shows that you care about what your customers care about and are willing to do your best to always satisfy or thank a customer.

There you have it, a quick guide to Google My Business and 3 Ways to Improve your business listing. If creating, posting, or managing your Google My Business profile is overwhelming for you. Please reach out to us today! Google as a whole can account for a 30% increase in business! But why stop at 30%, let’s work together to increase your business revenue right now! Let’s get on a call or Check our SEO services that will manage all of your Google My Business.