There’s no doubt that all of us have been affected in one way or another during the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether it is someone you know or getting that five emails addressing COVID procedure from your local restaurants. We all have inundated with the unknown. Understandably the fear of the unknown can put our businesses in between a rock and hard place. Instead of concentrating on world events, we can not control. Let’s focus on the 3 Ways to Improve Your Business During Covid-19 so that you come out on top for years to come.


Redesign Your Website

Consumers across that world are now using the internet more than ever. That is excellent news for businesses that have online or digital products available. It has estimated the online shopping has increased as much as 30% to meet the needs of the people in their homes.

So you already feel that you have an excellent online setup, but business is not quite booming at the 30% clip mentioned above. This is a sign that your site is ready for a redesign. Here is a good rule of thumb to follow for the life-cycle of your website:

  • 1 Year Old: Maintain and manager
  • 2 Years Old: Redesign your Hompage
  • 3 Years Old: Full website redesign
  • 4 Years Old: Past due for a website redesign
  • 5 Years Old: Website is outdated and will struggle to bring in new business

If you are not on a three-cycle to redesign your website, you have fallen behind. There is hope during this time of change that you can change your site with a redesign. Check out our Web Design & Hosting Products for our packages, or if you are looking for a quick redesign, you can Contact Us Here.

Social Media Marketing

With the multitude of people flooding the internet due to shelter in place orders, social media remains a hot spot where people “hang out” online. Your business needs to be capitalizing on this opportunity to reach out to followers and new potential customers. Recent estimates have seen a 40% increase in social media use across that board, are you communicating with your target market?

Here are three social media posts you should consider:

  1. Acknowledge the effects of COVID-19, let them know what your business is doing during this time
  2. Keep Posting, share about how your product or service can help them at home
  3. Provide Values, use your social media as valuable resources to engagement you target instead of driving traffic

Advertising on Social Media is a great way to gain new customers at this time, so it very important that you kept up or start campaigns now. Even better social media platforms have seen reductions in rates across all industries due to the reduced demand. Getting a great campaign up running now will increase your revenue and limit your expenses. Reach out if you are interested in growing your business through social media

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the final of 3 Way to Improve Your Business During COVID-19. SEM and SEO are heavily related to each other. SEM is the management of SEO, which is why they can be used synonymously.

SEO is a very technical skill that typically involves creating quality keyword research, updating all pages with SEO friendly page title & descriptions, developing new content regularly, and creating backlinks to your site. Most business owners would have a hard time managing this even if they had time.

To simplify why it is important during this time because if you can increase your Google & Bing rankings across the board you will see organic growth in your business. Here is the skinny on search engines:

  • 91.5% percent of people who search for a product or service click on the first page. Google has 10 pages on page 1 if you are not in the top 10 in your industry locally, regional, or nationwide depending on your product or service, then you reduce click on the opportunity to only 8.5%.
  • Even more significantly, 75% of people click on a top 3 result! That leaves with just 25% if you are not top 3. Getting to the top 3 for targeted keywords is extremely important for business growth.
  • 96% of people that click on your listing will not purchase on the first visit. 49% of people will browse your site 2-4 times before making a purchasing decision. These statistics show that it is important to keep creating new content that engages users so that they become purchasers.

Want to know how you rank across different keywords? Try a Google Search with these keyword ideas: Your Industry + Your Product/Service + Location and see where you rank. Are you in the Top 3 across multiple keywords?

If not it is a great time to get some quality professional help from KN Marketing Solutions.

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