In late November of 2021, we finally made the switch and moved all our business social media over to Our efforts on other social media never were favored in the big tech algorithms because we weren’t spending gobs of money with them. Then when we did advertise within those spaces we never really saw the benefits. As marketing company, we had to cut our loses and consider a new endeavor. To be honest, we really have never seen our business grow through social media. We have always done better by word of mouth. We now look forward to being a part of the #ParallelEconomy on Gab so that we can support small businesses that really want to thrive today, in 2022 and beyond.


The first reason we decide to move to Gab was the community. Every time someone within our company interacts with Gab they always received a response, like, or some sort of interaction. For years now, those interactions would never happen on other social media because we weren’t on their “feed”, which we all know now that it is intentionally fabricated page so that you only see what would make you come back.


Andrew Torba has provided a place that shares a ton about how their platform is positively effecting their users. Instead of engineering Gab to benefit him, he and team work tirelessly to make sure that we are all having a great experience. They also don’t back down from what they value including Christianity, Free Speech, and growing Gab platforms.

This is unheard of in the social media world as across the big tech landscape they actively hide everything they do to make sure you don’t really ever know what it going on. In fact, you have so little control on what you see, watch, and hear that big tech is actually controlling you. We have never had a sense of that with our interactions with Gab. We get to choose what we see and we really appreciate that. Once we created an account, we started by following other business owners that we have seen on the platform and wouldn’t you know we only get content from who we follow, what a grand idea!


We see the growth potential of having a real audience to see what we are working on and trying to accomplish as a business. We value that real people will actually see what we post and probably interact from time to time. We also see the value of being a part of #ParalleEconomy and integrating all of Gab’s business opportunities.

Each day we see other businesses on Gab working hard to provide for their families and we are no different in that respect. However, we a different because we can help these small business grow dramatically with our lead generating service. Lead generating is simply just using marketing tools effectively to ensure that your business is getting new and returning customers to buy your product or service.

Free Speech

Whether we all agree on our political views or not, it as been easy to see that our First Amendment right in the United States of America is under attack. Sure there are many things that we hope people don’t say or post that may hurt another person feelings, however that is the right we have been afforded in our country, besides we can always choose how we respond to negative interactions. Our proper response to adversity should be to work hard to over come it, not avoid it all together. Free Speech has been protected within Gab, we believe it is 100% the right thing to do, because it is the very first value described in the United States Constitution.

That is it or for now, four strong and compelling reasons that we switch our social media to Gab. Now you should too!

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